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WPS YouTube Importer 1.0.6

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Mass import thousands of Youtube Videos in minutes and create mainstream tube sites!


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Mass Import Youtube videos

Grab thousands of Youtube videos in your WordPress site in two clicks.

Two results display modes

Switch between cards view or list view according to your preferences.

Intuitive Options System

Simply configure some options in order to start using the plugin.

Manual endless pagination

Load more and more videos from a search with a single click.

Themes Compatible

The plugin is 100% compatible with WP-Script Themes and any WP themes.

Smart Import Features

Search for some keywords, choose a WP category and grab videos!

Youtube filters

Find Youtube videos by upload date, duration, features and more.

Import what you want

Check any video and each part you want to import (title, description, duration, tags, features).

Change content on the Fly

Change titles, descriptions, tags, actors before importing videos.

Preview videos

Watch any Youtube video before importing it.


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