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Social Networks Auto Poster {SNAP} – Universal API 4.3.23

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Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP) API is a universal API for the most popular social networks. SNAP API gives you an ability to make a beautifully formatted posts to the most popular social networks and CMS platforms by one simple call.

Universal Application program interface (API) to post to all major social networks

Universal API. Why do we need that?

Each social network and each CMS platform has it’s own API that different from one another. Right now you need to read through tons of specifications and documentation, learn how to make calls and sign or encode your requests for each network. That could take weeks and months of development time. Then when it’s done and it’s still not working, you will need to comb through forums, discussion groups, newsgroups, stackoverflow, etc. trying to figure out what you have done wrong. That will take even more time.
Well, we already done all that. We took every available API, learned how to work with it and as the result we combined then all in one universal package. You just make one simple API call and SNAP will post your message everywhere.

We actually did even more – Unique API for the platforms without built-in API

There are some networks such as Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Flipboard, Reddit, XING, etc.. that don’t have a publicly available API. We created our own APIs for such networks.

Networks where SNAP can autopost

  • Facebook - Autopost text, image or share a link to your profile, business page, community page, or Facebook group
  • Google+ - Post text, image or share a link to your profile, collection, business page or community
  • Instagram - Upload your blogpost's image to your Instagram account.
  • LinkedIn - Post text, article, image or share a link to your profile, group, or company page.
  • ok.ru - Autopost text, image or share a link to your profile or group
  • Plurk - Autopost to your account. Ability to attach Image to messages
  • Pinterest - Post your blogpost's image to your Pinterest board.
  • Twitter - Autopost to your account. Ability to attach images to tweets
  • VK.Com - Post text, image or share a link to your profile or group page
  • Weibo - Biggest Chinese Microblogging Service. You can post your messages and images
  • XING - Post text messages, images or share links.

Blogs/Publishing Platforms

  • Blogger - Autopost to your blog. HTML is supported
  • Flipboard - Autopost to your magazines
  • Google My Business - Create Google My Business post
  • Instapaper - Autopost to your account
  • LiveJournal - Auto-submit your blogpost to LiveJournal blog or community. LiveJournal engine based website DreamWidth.org is also supported
  • Medium - Autopost to your profile or publications
  • Scoop.It - Autopost to your "Topics". Ability to attach your blogpost to scoop. Ability to make "Image" posts
  • SETT - Auto-post to your Sett.com blog
  • Tumblr - Create a text post, image post, audio or video post on your Tumbler blog. HTML is supported.
  • WP Based Blog - Auto-submit your blogpost to another WordPress based site. Support for any standalone Wordpress and WordPress.com, Blog.com, etc..

Link Sharing/Boormarks

Diigo - Auto-submit bookmark to your account
Reddit - Autopost to your subreddits

Email Marketing

MailChimp - One of the most popular email marketing tools. You can send your blogposts as email campaigns to specific subscribers


Line - Autopost texts, images, or links to your channel, group or chat
Telegram - Autopost texts, images, or links to your channel, group or chat
Yo - Send notifications to your subscribers

Image Sharing

deviantART (!) - Autopost to your blog. HTML is supported
Flickr - Autopost images to your photostream and/or sets. Tags are supported


vBulletin - Auto-submit your blogpost to vBulletin forums. Could create new threads or new posts


YouTube - Post messages to your YouTube channel feed. Ability to attach existing YouTube videos to posts

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