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The Ark 1.47.0

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The Ark | WordPress Theme made for Freelancers

Это новый шаблон конструктор, который содержит 300+ готовых страниц, а так же 200+ дизайнерских элементов на все случаи жизни, каждый элемент имеет 1500+вариантов настроек, 200+ разнообразных тематичных секций. Плюс ко всему можно отредактировать и настроить любую область на странице: Headers, footers, titlebars, blog archives, blog single, portfolio archives, portfolio single, search, и тд.

Кроме этого, не забыли про сам процесс разработки, добавив несколько фишек которые экономят время:

Функцию "Quick Save" - которая применяет изменения внесенные на бек-енде и автоматически перегружает страницу фронт-енда, на которой они отображаются.

Управление с клавиатуры. На горячие клавиша вынесены основные действия.

Контекстное меню правой клавишей мыши.

Легкий поиск и загрузка предустановленных секций.

Agencies, Barbers, Gym, Fitness, Restaurants, Cafe, Church, Photography and Photographers, Bistro, Construction, Parallax Effects, Movies, Videos, Woo Commerce stores, Fashion, Blogs, Portfolio, Actors, Dentist, Law, Lawyers, Medical Doctors, Clinics, Stores, Grocery Stores, Freelancer, Web Developer, App Developer, Mobile Apps, Scientists


Excellently works with these plugins

  • WooCommerce
  • WPML
  • MailChimp
  • WP Super Cache
  • Revolution Slider

Premium plugins bundled with The Ark for FREE

  • Revolution slider
  • Fresh Performance Cache
  • Fresh Custom Code
  • Fresh File Editor
  • Fresh Favicon
  • Fresh Menu Item Limit Fix

Bundled plugins FAQ

Key Features

There is just huge amount of features in The Ark. We have created this “never-before-seen” beast, which has been called the best WordPress theme in the world by many of it’s users and is currently rewriting the history. Listing of all the things that are possible to do in The Ark would create a small book, so down here is just a few important features. Remember, we are doing client websites for a living as well, so we are very aware of the usual problems that all the other themes are having. These strong words are backed up with our customer reviews. The Ark has achieved the best rated product of all time status on ThemeForest (out of 30.000+ other web related products on ThemeForest).

  • Tons of pre-defined designs and content
    • 307+ demo pages
    • 223+ big section blocks ready for 1-click insertion
    • 5 demos
    • Simply assemble your website from big parts, without hustle and light-fast
    • You can then customize every little detail with unprecedented amount of detailed options
  • Fresh Builder (unique)
    • Currently the #1 builder in the world
    • Years ahead of every competitor
    • Visual Composer killer
    • Still familiar, intuitive, effective and easy to use
  • Fresh Grid (unique)
    • Fast Parallax effects
    • Background Layers engine (never seen before)
    • Vertical Centering
    • Full Height sections
  • Layouting System (unique and must-have)
    • Customize every corner of your website
    • Everything backed up with Fresh Builder
    • No coding required (this time for real, even for uncommon or tiny/large changes)
    • Never seen before, other themes are not even close in terms of freedom The Ark offers
  • Headers
    • Re-size headers to your liking
    • Logo size is not limited (any logo size will play nicely with the rest of the header)
    • Header size is not limited and can be easily changed
    • Left, Right and Top side positions
    • All the other features you are used to
    • 15+ pre-designed headers for your comfort to use as a starting point
  • Blogs
    • 20+ Blog elements
    • They can be combined to limitless number of variations (unprecedented level of detail and customization options)
    • Grid, Slider, Masonry, Fullwidth, Simple, …
  • Portfolios
    • Unlimited variations of portfolio elements
    • Grid, Slider, Masonry, Fullwidth, Simple, …

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